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This footwear collection for global football focuses on managing interior temperatures for extremely hot surfaces. Through material and product innovations, the Refract Football collection helps athletes push beyond their limits and prolongs peak performance. 


Designed around lightweight construction and thermal resistance, these new prototypes for artificial turf and asphalt performed significantly better than the benchmark footwear in weight, and hot plate testing.

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How could we reduce the internal temperature of football footwear when playing on hot artificial grass and asphalt?

Thermal Protection

  • Protect foot from radiation (sun) and conduction (playing surface)

  • Source materials with low thermal conductivity (W/mK)

  • Mix reflectivity with breathability to reduce the impact of convection within the footwear


Lightweight Construction

  • Breathability is key to minimize weight and maximize airflow within the footwear

  • Running economy improves by 1% for every 100 grams reduced

  • Psychological advantage while reducing muscle fatigue and strains



  • Minimizes friction and slippage within the footwear

  • Enhances responsiveness and quick change of direction

  • Facilitate airflow through physical design or change in biomechanics

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