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Gearing up for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing, this drawing exercise took the existing 2014 Mach 39 skin and research of the 2018 skin in order to ideate what technologies the future skin could have. Offering suggestions from what worked on both skins, the proposed skin offers a mix of new and existing tech from the Baltimore-based sports equipment company. 

Long Track Speed Skating Skin-08.png


How can we improve the performance of an existing speed skin or wearable? 

(Sport Randomly Selected)


  • Research the current speed skin tech 

  • Understand why certain CMF's are used in certain areas 

  • Expand on existing UA technology



  • Zone sweat build up and ideate within the problem area

  • Reduce overlapping materials 

  • Improve air channels and ways of construction



  • Reduce drag by manipulating air flow

  • Minimize excess material for weight reduction and seamless fit 

  • Decrease friction in hi-wear areas

Research & Ideation
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