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Resistance Compression Shorts for Water Aerobics

Designed to promote healthy aging, these resistance compression shorts for men take water aerobics and turn it up a notch. What started out as an idea to reduce falls, quickly changed to my experience as a former lifeguard in college, as I saw many older folks take to the water for fitness, cardio, and community. Sponsored through a grant from CottonWorks, this bodywear project looked at the research behind the aging body and how we can provide products for the growing, aging population.

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How can we promote active aging through bodywear?


  • High waisted design for a secure fit 

  • 360° bands for seamless support  

  • Condition muscles for improved motor skills



  • Enhance blood circulation and oxygenation

  • Strengthen key muscle groups that aid balance

  • Slim fit for optimal resistance



  • Promote a healthy lifestyle through multipurpose product

  • Engage muscle groups for strength and recovery

  • Boost confidence through appropriately styled swimwear

Research & Ideation
Final Prototype
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