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Combining grip and traction, this shoe is designed to tackle any obstacle standing between you and the final buzzer. Through exclusive insight from current and former Ninjas, the Nitestrike brings new light to a sport many have only seen on their television. After research and environmental simulations, the final render received positive feedback from Ninjas, even asking for the concept to be put into production.

Final Ninja Render_Final Design.png
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How could we create the first-ever Ninja-specific shoe that reduces the time it takes to complete each stage?


  • Incorporate materials through athlete insights and backgrounds

  • Map areas of the foot used most for climbing or hanging on to obstacles

  • Enhance friction using abrasive or sticky materials in zoned areas


Lightweight Construction

  • Improve responsiveness between obstacles and the foot

  • Minimize slippage within the footwear to maximize traction

  • Reduce weight while maintaining the internal structure



  • Channel moisture via siping to reduce slippage

  • Connect the traction pattern to the sport

  • Test current outsole patterns for the optimal design

Athlete Insight
Testing & Ideation
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